Protop Women's Clinic specialises in performing termination of pregnancy according to the Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1996 (Act No 92 of 1996) Protop Women's Clinic is a facility designated by the Department of Health. (Approved by Government) 

Protop Womens Clinic Surgical and Medical Procedures

• Personal counseling
We inform the patient about her legal rights, personal right of choice and emotional implications of termination of pregnancy or not

• Communicate procedures
We inform the patient about the procedures to be followed to effect a termination of pregnancy

• Perform termination
We perform the termination of pregnancy with the assistance of qualified midwives and a professional gynaecologist

• After care
We perform check-ups on the health of the woman as required


The Vision of Protop Women's Clinic

To orientate and empower women of their reproductive health rights

Protop Women's Clinic Mission Statement

• To afford women the opportunity to have children by choice
• To deliver client satisfaction equal to or above client expectations.

Services Offered

Safe Abortions

Gynecologist Check-ups


STDs Treatment